Be cool be green

At present mother earth is experiencing immense pressure from the destruction of trees, rise in levels of the ocean, strong sun rays which has caused heat waves etc. These have made society to think about protecting the environment and acting sustainably and responsibly. The concept of going green has being spoken about for many years now. People have started to reject the environmental hazard of polythene bags and instead have started to use cloth items, recycled item and reusable items. There are many nations that have banned the use of polythene and introduced new products that can be substituted for it.

Often you may have come across many food shops giving out their products in a paper bag. These items may not include liquids or iced drinks as such items will tire the bag. Companies have seen this as an opportunity and started to act to produce it.  Developed countries have the highest impact on this since most under and developing countries look up to them. If you have a food joint in a country like Singapore, you will need to get in touch with a manufacturer who produces high-quality paper bags Singapore can offer. When people see that you are a trader who is concerned about protecting the environment, they will be attracted to buying your product. This is a type of marketing tactic as well. You would be respected by government authorities and less inspection will be taken placed.

It is important to be eco-friendly always. Protecting the environment is important if you want your children to spend a good life. What you do now will have a big impact in the future. Whatever said, plastic and polythene have their very own advantages. In terms of durability, these destructive items stand high. We can use a polythene bag for more than at least 2 days. However, it possesses great danger to innocent animals and the environment. The best option is to find a remedy for it by producing bio-degradable bags that is not harmful to the environment. This option may cost a large sum of cash and time for research purposes and developing proto types in the laboratories. In the long-run it will benefit the community and in time the world.

As good citizens what can we do? We can contribute a lot for this. Starting by using bio-degradable products, not littering the place, dividing the garbage from plastic, glass, food stuff and paper. Choosing recycle products instead of other products when you have the option. After all, it is our planet that has being with us, comforting us while protecting us from various natural disasters. The time has come for us to stand up for mother earth by going green.

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