Cons of Living Aboard

You might have chosen to live your life on a boat since it brings you closer to nature and provides a sense of freedom and tranquil. However, it does not mean there are no negative effects of it. If your vessel is not fit to accommodate a person full time, you may have problems. Your boat will wear off easily, giving way for leaks and technical faults. So here are some other disadvantages of living aboard.

  1. Headroom

If you are a tall person, you are going to have a hard time moving around the boat. Heights of boats are usually not much and hence any person above six feet may have to face difficulties. However, there could be a few with roofs and hence when you go shopping for a boat, make sure you can stand up inside. Crouching and walking around your boat as you liveaboard diving Socorro Mexico is not comfortable and may also cause severe back pains.

  1. Spontaneous sailing isn’t as easy

You might think that you could go out on sailing anytime you like since you live in a boat. However, that is far from true. While on dock, you are connected to land through the main shore power-line, cable TV, phone or anything. You need to disconnect them all and store them safely. Also you need to take down your sun awning before you leave. You may be the type of person who’d love to sail on the spur of the moment, however sadly that is not possible.

  1. Pet care

If you live alone, you are most likely to have a pet dog with you. Dogs are great companions when at sea, however you need to keep in mind that they need to be walked, bathed and fed well. Your dog might not settle for the green beans salad you are having for dinner and hence you need to provide it with proper meals. You can take them out for a walk every evening once you get back to the marina.

  1. Loud neighbours

Just like neighbours on land, neighbours at sea can be a real pain too. They might be crazy ones who pretend to be pirates and have late night drinks or simply fishermen who leave at night and come back at dawn with a boat full of fish and some beer cans. They will get to work in unloading as soon as they return and open up their beer bottles and celebrate, which can get pretty noisy. You can inform the dock-master and get them moved to another marina or you can move too. However, if there is no space available at other marinas, you’ll be stuck with them unfortunately.

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