Design your living room in the right way

The place where the guests start conversations at, where families get together and basically where everyone spend time together is the living room. It is kind of like the space where you get to boast about by showing off your creativity through its design. Don’t you just love when your guests complement on the way you’ve put the living room together or the way it looks so charming and so. Well, to get to those compliments you will have to create a space that speaks out to everyone. To help you with your living room designing, we’ve got some great tips. Follow them and your guests will be shooting compliment after compliment at you.

Focal point


Now, this is something many people, specially designers, talk about. Creating a focal point will let the person who enters the room focus their attention on it. It should be the part where creativity strikes the most and which is the most elegant and charming area of the room. Generally, a fireplace is used as the focal point. This is a area which can built a natural but a warm look to the receiver. But, if you are from a tropical country this is not the best way to go. Instead you can focus on something like the coffee table. Select a statement coffee table and style it using items like a chic tray or a centre piece. But don’t over do it.



A great lighting can enlighten the space in a wonderful way. But just selecting the bulbs or the lamps isn’t enough. In fact, start off by selecting the proper color palette. Use warm tones. Or you can go for bright colors. Mixing and matching or going with contrasting colors is another creative way to lighten up the space. You can even choose a wall design or a wallpaper. There will be painting services Singapore or in your country who can provide these facilities. Look into the services they provide and discuss with them before you come to a conclusion. After that, focus on the lighting. You can use large windows to get a natural lighting or add table lamps or anything you prefer. Again, keep it as simple as possible.




There are a few key pieces that should be included in any living room. These include the sofa and the coffee table. You can even add a beautiful carpet. Either way, your furniture needs to match with one another and the surrounding as well. You can go for light tones like grey, white or just go for dark tones like black, dark brown. Decide according to the theme and surrounding.


Tips like these will help create a wonderful living room which will be a great place to host small tea parties or enjoy some lovely conversations.

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