Ensure Affordable, Easy, and Stress-Free Storage With These Steps

Packing your valuables and moving them into a storage unit can be a stressful experience. As such, the tips below will aim to help you store and pack your treasures in the easiest way possible. Check it out below:


Create an Inventory of All Items

Make a list of all the belongings that you have. Take note of the items that needed to be stored at extra storage space singapore plus the items that you now dispose of. This step is important in understanding how much you need to store and searching for the best storage unit for all your needs.


Research for the Best Storage Company

When you’re done understanding the bulk of the items that need storage, you can now start doing your research of the best companies. Make sure that the storage company has the capacity to keep safe all of your properties. See to it that they can accommodate your needs. For example, do check if they allow 24-hour access to your unit. Moreover, see to it that the storage company have 24/7 monitoring and security system.

You can compare the similarities and differences of the companies in your list. Check if the extras they include so you can prepare for the necessary fees. Then, if you are happy with the storage unit, you can make a booking according to the volume you need.


Determine the Storage Type

After doing the research and creating the list, decide on what type of unit do you need for your property. Containers can protect your belongings from harsh weather conditions and lessen the damage. You can ask for quotations from the companies. See to it that the quotations are from providers that offer all the requisites that you wish to have.


Book for a Removalist

If you wish to move house and you have already arranged for a removalist, provide them with a list of the items that you wish to move in the storage. If you only want the storage, you can ask the service of a professional storage and removal company to arrange for everything.

Check if there are Restrictions on Items to be Stored

Ask your storage provider if there are any particular items that are prohibited from storage. Usually, dangerous goods and foods are not allowed for storage and this can invalidate your insurance.


Prepare Things to be Stored

Prepare your things for storage. For special items, make sure that you double wrap it to protect from extreme weather conditions. Treat your leather or wooden furniture to protect it from mildew, mold, or any damage from humidity.


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