How to organize a rehearsal dinner?

The day before the wedding, a rehearsal dinner is given to close family and friends by the bride and groom’s families. It is a way of celebrating the joy and love that their children has found in each other and the coming together of two families.Traditionally, rehearsal dinners were fancy and large parties, just one notch down from the wedding. But it doesn’t have to be anymore. Rather, the more relaxed it is, the better.

In the past, according to traditions the wedding costs were bared by the bride’s side while the rehearsal dinner from the groom’s side. But nowadays, these costs are shared between each other. However, decide who specifically is going to plan this dinner. Too many cooks can spoil the soup, therefore limit it to a few number of people and let them be responsible for making it right. If you wish, you and your partner can be the ones to take up that responsibility.


Make the party room booking early to not stress about it at the last moment. With the wedding onthe next day, you already have enough to worry about. The room mustbe big enough to accommodate all your guests. You must have it in a place that’s not too far for most people. As people have to travel back home or to their hotel in the night and wake up early the next day to attend a wedding, you wouldn’t want to tire them out with long distance travelling.

Decide on a theme. Incorporate some of the theme at the wedding into your rehearsal dinner. But don’t give too much away because you still want your guests to be awestruck seeing your wedding. Decorate the party room according to the theme you have chosen. If you are planning to keep it casual, a barbeque night sounds like a great idea. Consider having such a party outdoors rather than indoors.

Making the guest list for this occasion can be tricky. You don’t want to be inviting everybody but you don’t want to hurt anybody for not being invited either. Give it some thought and keep it as small as you can, because you will meet them all on the next day at your wedding anyway.

Decide on the timing for the party and stick to it. Do not go beyond 11 PM. The last thing you want are dark circles on your wedding day. Take a note of the tips above and throw a fun and exciting rehearsal dinner for your loved ones to celebrate your special day!

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