Steps to Organize a Corporate Event

It is no easy task to organize a corporate event. Unlike a private party, a corporate event affects the image of your company and if your boss gave you the responsibility, he surely believed in you and hence you need to do a good job. If you break the entire process into tasks and fulfill them accordingly, you can easily get the work done. So here are a few easy steps to follow.

  1. Pick a theme

Themed events are always fun so you can do the same for your event, however make sure you choose what’s appropriate for the crowd and occasion. Think of an appropriate theme as per the event. You could go for certain characters such as superheroes, a separate culture such as Hawaiian, something fancy such as Hollywood or even a certain colour palette. You can base your venue, décor, food and music on the theme to give your guests a unique experience.

  1. Set a budget

Your boss would be extremely happy if you pulled off the event successfully while saving him some cash. So, talk to him and set a preliminary budget as per the maximum he is willing to spend and try to stick to it. Plan for slightly lower than the budget so that you could meet any unexpected expenses. You can meet all kinds of vendors and choose the most reasonably priced ones. However, make sure you don’t compromise on quality since the event is concerned with your company’s image.

  1. Pick the venue

The venue should match the selected theme. For example, if you opted for a sea themed cocktail party, the beach would be the obvious choice of venue. Get details on catering; if you need to cater from the venue or you can cater from outside, supply of beverages and also other services provided such as cleaning up at the end of the event.

  1. Food and décor

You need to pick out décor that will accentuate your theme. Add a few ‘wow’ elements and that will do the trick. Flower for opening ceremony and fairy lights always work so use them. The food is usually the most important element since all your guests would ultimately come to the event looking forward to a good meal. Theme them too, talk to your caterers and come up with a catchy menu.

  1. Send out the invitations

The guest list should be made in advance which will help you in deciding the size of the venue you will need. You should then design a very attractive invitation since that’s where your guests make the first impression on your event. Send them in advance so that they can inform their absence.

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