Things to Consider when Designing a Home

If you’ve finally decided to build your own home, Congratulations! You may have the desired land with adequate funds, however now begins the hard part; designing the home. Our human nature is that we are not satisfied by a particular thing and hence we go about searching for all possibilities. Same happens with home design. You tend to look at architectural magazines, blogs, websites, consult professionals etc. and mix up all sorts of ideas in your head. So before you do that, here are a few major elements you need to focus on.

  1. House style

Start off by deciding what sort of home you would like to have; traditional or modern. Most other elements such as furniture, lightings, accessories etc. will depend on this. You may have to consider your neighbourhood before your decision. Some areas have unique architecture that all homes have been built as per similar designs. Also, your home’s value may depend on it. If you have existing furniture, pick a style that matches them. You can talk to your entire family freely if none of the above factors affect you.

  1. of bedrooms and bathrooms

This is fairly an easy decision by considering your family members. However, keep in mind that your family may grow or even lessen if your kids are about to go off to college. Also, you may need extra rooms if you have relatives staying over frequently. Next, you need to decide on the number of bathrooms.The usual ratio is 2 bathrooms to 3 bedrooms. Planning how to locate them in the home can be challenging. If it is a two story home, the common practice is to have the bedrooms upstairs with one bathroom downstairs for guests. You can use Feng Shui services in Singapore to plan it out.

  1. of levels

If you don’t like stairs and plan to live in the home till you are old and unable to climb up and down, a single story house would be perfect. If not, you can build multiple levels as you wish. Sometimes your land size maybe small and hence to gain more square feet, you’ll have to build more levels. If you don’t like cleaning a lot and story can fit all of you in, go for it.

  1. Kitchen style

Even in a traditional home, your kitchen needs to be upgraded. Your kitchen needs to be planned well, especially if there’s a small space. All essential appliances need to be fitted and your home designer might be able to help. Buy the newest appliances so that your kitchen tasks can be done very easily.



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