Things to Know Before Visiting Macau

Macau is an exciting city with so many activities to do, even if you stop by for a day or spend a month long vacation. With so many cultures blended together, you need to be able to communicate and get around town. Rather than feeling confused and lost once you reach there, pre-preparation is valuable so here are some tips and facts you need to get straight before you go there.

  1. Language

The official local language is Cantonese. You will be greatly benefited if you learn a bit before you come since you may find it easier to deal with shop vendors, taxi drivers etc. The second language you will hear around is Portuguese since they invaded Macau and officially named the city. The Portuguese were ruling the area for years when finally it was given its freedom, however still the language is spoken. Another language known as Patua which is a blend of Portuguese and Cantonese is spoken by a very few people here. If you don’t know any of these, don’t worry. Since it a high tourist destination, all signs and name boards are displayed in English too.

  1. Currency

Macau has its own currency known as Pataca. They also use Hong Kong dollars so don’t panic of you couldn’t get those changed. However, while paying at a shop or Lisboa hotel package, they might give you change in Pataca. If you don’t want to keep them as a souvenir, be sure to exchange them before you leave since it will be very hard to exchange back home since Pataca isn’t used worldwide.

  1. Getting around

Macau is a small area and hence getting around won’t be that hard. Your hotel may offer shuttle services to and from the airport or ferry terminals. You can travel for free even if you don’t stay in one of the hotels that provide such services. Taxis are easy to find however not all driver speak English so use a translator app on your phone or look at a travel book to convert the English name of your destination to Chinese. It will be easier for both of you. Public buses are also a viable option. Car rental Macau is actually easy so you can have your own car drive around while your stay.

  1. Go with an open mind

Most people don’t go on family trips to Macau due to its high gambling and casinos. However, you are forgetting the spectacular sights and activities to do as a family. You can visit sacred temples, bungee jump, go shopping, watch water dancing shows etc.

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